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Wrestlers will portray heroes or villains as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series matches.
G.L.O.W. was a highly popular all female wrestling program that aired in 1986-1990 and continued in Las Vegas,though not on television till present day.This show became an instant pop culture success due to over the top characterizations played to the hilt by dozens of mostly beautiful model type women.Plus charming and often funny skits were also included in each show.But what really made G.L.O.W. stand out was an odd feature which surprisingly worked and was a lot of fun.Each wrestler preformed a small rap which was featured before each of their respective matches which described who they were and what they were about.There was a good side managed by Sylvester Stallone's mother called the Stallone Sweethearts and a bad side called Kitty's Killers. The good side was full of women that little girls dream of being when they grow older like (my personal favorites)Debbie Debutuante and Susie Spirit the Cheerleaders(who as far as I know never lost)Tara and Scarlett the Southern Belles(who as far as I know never won,by pin fall anyway)and rich L.A.jet setters Tina Ferrari(W.W.E's Ivory)and Ashley Cartier. The bad side was full of women that went bad and became what girls become if they don't watch their step.Like the the very popular thieving street punks Hollywood(who has her own Erotic wrestling video business now)and Vine,the risqué garbed gang members the Soul Patrol,and the thoroughly psychotic,quasi murderous Heavy Metal sisters.These two big unforgettable nut jobs brought real working chainsaws and blow torches in the ring and used them to burn their opponents and cut up their belongings!For some reason the bad girl's seem to have more of the actual big wrestler types who either almost always won like the Russian Col.Ninotchka or the big marine Corp.Kelly or were so brutal the always got disqualified like the aforementioned Heavy Metal sisters.However the good girls got along just fine.There were those like Americana,Susie Spirit and Tina Ferrarri who pretty much always won,the tough cowgirl Dallas who routinely gave even the toughest opponents horrid,merciless beatings, and in the last 2 seasons there was Justice.She was a 6'2 New York cop who crushed her opponents. G.L.O.W. is largely enjoyable,lovable,and entertaining and anyone will have a great time watching.If you want to get the ultimate G.L.O.W experience type in "Manzerman glow"in your search engine.On his website he sells GLOW tapes cheap,the service is incredible,and there's about 20 matches on each of his tapes!He got a hold of all 500 matches in all four seasons!
Since GLOW came into being in the mid-eighties, it has attracted a large amount of ridicule. It is often portrayed as sexist and cheesy, with humor that misses the mark badly.<br/><br/>Is this fair criticism? To some extent, yes. Certainly some of the wrestling was not of a high standard, and the skits and comedy were usually unfunny.<br/><br/>But if you search out matches involving some of the better GLOW girls, such as Attache, Spanish Red or Tina Ferrari, then you will be rewarded with excellent wrestling matches, played by women who are really convincing in their roles. Attache in particular, is an absolute star, a mixture of toughness, charisma and huge appeal.<br/><br/>In summary, GLOW is something of a guilty pleasure, the kind of show you don&#39;t want to admit to liking, but secretly do!
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