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The CIA sends in a commando team into Egypt to combat an evil presence in the area (the evil presence turns out to stem from an ancient pharoah's curse). The commando team's helicopter crashes and you are the sole survivor and must combat the hordes of evil alone.
This game has some of the best level design I&#39;ve ever seen in any game. When I&#39;m writing treasure maps, I simply cannot get as good as this! Set in and around the village of Karnak, Egypt, these levels are huge, unpredictable, sport very nice artwork, and exploit more tricks than you could ever dream of in a Duke Nukem 3D-style map.<br/><br/>Of course, since Powerslave is a first-person shooter, it fills those creative levels in with non-stop action. The creativity and action combine to make you play at your computer for hours! Powerslave was also one of the first games to have true rooms-above-rooms and dynamic lighting, and they&#39;re done to a decent effect (for the time).<br/><br/>My only complaint with the game is that it&#39;s missing some features that were in most other shooters at the time, like an &quot;always run&quot; button, mouse look, adjustable difficulty settings, a parental lock (even though it&#39;s not as gory as most other shooters at the time), and mid-level save games. But despite coming out a year and a half too late, most first-person shooter fans should be pleased with Powerslave&#39;s highly creative level design and intense action.

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